Meet and Greet: What unites us...

What unites us as team members is that we feel a strong sense of responsibility for others and take action as soon as people appeal to us. Whether private or business, that's just how we are.

mr. Hella Vercammen

Business Lawyer

mr. Marit Mulder

Business Lawyer

Bente Brouwer

Assistant Business Lawyer

Niels Terlouw

Assistant Business Lawyer

Cynthia Elmiger

Office Manager


The aim that The Legal Company pursues as a company is to provide legal relief and empower business and non-profit organisations. This by providing businesses with access to better quality legal services (e.g. more customisation) as well as preventive legal protection (e.g. better and more written agreements). This will create a more level playing field between international and large players and government and SMEs on the one hand. Business is the lubricant of the economy, so should be on a pedestal as far as we are concerned.


Based on this vision, TLC has developed six mission conditions whereby, as a firm, it ensures that it meets them with its services.

Practice what you preach

Every company should be able to afford its 'own legal team'.

Prevention is better than litigation, which is why companies and organisations should also be able to secure ongoing preventive legal assistance. That is why TLC has developed the legal assistance and advice subscription, the Legal Safe subscription. This gives you a lawyer who knows your business inside out but is not on your payroll nor does he have to be hired as a ZZP.

Even for the smallest questions, for advice and customised solutions. A lawyer who exactly fills the gap between cheap legal expenses insurance where you can only go in case of a dispute and the lawyer, who, although you can also go for advice, but at much high and unpredictable rates.

Legal knowledge should be shared with the business sector:

Legal masterclasses

TLC therefore offers legal training courses every spring and autumn, especially for business where difficult material is explained in: - understandable language and - with a practical approach.

Sharing is caring. Entrepreneurs themselves will also have to become more legally aware if they want to avoid legal problems. Or better know at what point they should seek help and expertise from legal specialists. This will prevent poorly constructed records and bad choices, and also enable entrepreneurs themselves to better comply with the law.

Lawyers need to work cost transparent / insightful:

Clear quotations

Clear and manageable costs means that TLC always works with very clear quotations. She keeps very accurate and itemised records of her time worked in Teamleader, allowing her to send very clear and itemised invoices to account for her work.

Business is best served by tailor-made solutions:

Customized agreements

TLC is convinced that only tailor-made, effective legal protection delivers. Standard formats with all kind of options make you have to make choices when you don't know what impact certain choices might have. You will still be at great risk. You will pay little for a lot of uncertainty.

It is important to take into account the facts and circumstances of the company: its situation, its wishes, its intended goals. Also that the lawyer proactively advises when legal law changes occur and this will be implemented within the organization. TLC therefore only provides customized agreements and not templates because they do not believe in them.

The business sector is not optimally protected until it has daily access to preventive legal help:

Daily contact

TLC speaks to its clients (especially those with a Legal Safe subscription) on a daily basis and is therefore able to provide preventive legal guidance to its clients on a daily basis, acting as the legal compass.

That a legal business partner is available in every organisation on a daily basis, even for the simplest, smallest legal questions, to spar with. After all, legal problems lurk in a very small corner.


A good business lawyer passes the ball to other service providers in the interest of the client.

Business partners in other areas of expertise

We believe that an organisation should be looked at from different disciplines, such as tax, financial, economic and commercial reality, for example, in order to arrive at the best advice. As legal business partners, you should not live in an ivory tower. An organization or company does not only consist of legal reality. That is why TLC works closely with partners such as; accountants, tax specialists, insurance advisors, notaries and other disciplines